Jonna Pedersen


About the Project


In the project [Fone] I work with the transformative, and examines the transfer of expressions and experience from one medium to another, to a third and fourth. In the first phase, I create small collages, made of, for example, paper, fabric, photos, loose thoughts and words. The collages act as finished but temporary works exclusively for use with the transformation process.

In the second phase, I process through the head and hand and translate the temporary collage onto a sketch on canvas. I monumentalize the objects from the collage and I aim for the picturesque result to appear as a collage with an inherent experience of the expression of the temporary collage.

The paintings are painted like collages without being collages. Motifs are old telephones and telephone pipes, characters from my old comics being on the phone, different shapes, patterns, numbers and phone numbers. The disconnected words that appear in the works originate from my thoughts about communication in relationships, plus twists and turns, which I find fun.

The telephones are cultural icons that express a spirit of mind that I invite to recall. In that era, we talked specifically with each other when we communicated via the phone. Serious conversations were conducted face-to-face. In our present world, filled with an overwhelming range of digital communicative remedies that will facilitate and speed up our dialogue, I find that people may have trouble using the phone in the same way. I am interested in whether we reach each other when communicating. The basis of my theme is a sense of the everyday life and the near, cultural changes, the overlooked, added with humor and seriousness.

The project’s title [Fone] has deliberately double-sided references. I have twisted the word “phone” as phonetic transcription in square brackets to add a sound image to the series. In addition to the specific meaning of the word “telephone”, there is also a more implicit reference in the title in the form of the imperative “Call!”, but without the exclamation point.



2004/3 – Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt’s School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen
2000-2003 – Private lessons from painter Håkan Nyström
1999 – Art lessons at Ealing Art College, London
1996 – Cand. Negot / MA in International Business

National and International Juried Exhibitions 

2007 – Artists Autumn Exhibition (KE), Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Cph
2007 – Artists Summer Exhibition (KS), Janusbygningen, Tistrup
2006 – Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Cph
2006 – Artists Eastern Exhibition (KP), Århus Kunstbygning, Århus
2006 – Artists Summer Exhibition (KS), Janusbygningen, Tistrup
2006 – Artists Autumn Exhibition (KE), Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Cph
2006 – Hvidovre Juried Exhibition, Hvidovre Bibliotek, Hvidovre
2005 – Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Cph
2005 – ART NOW, Diploma of Excellence
2005 – ART ADDICTION, Diploma of Excellence
2004 – Hvidovre Juried Exhibition, Hvidovre Bibliotek, Hvidovre

Solo exhibitions

2014 – The Face of the City, Augustiana, Augustenborg
2014 – You Sweet Life, North Art Galleri, Copenhagen – with Marie J. Engelsvold
2014 – Crazy About Covers, Priiskorn Contemporary, Copenhagen
2014 – Thorasminde, Bagsværd
2013 – Eyecatcher, Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme, Copenhagen
2013 – Writing on The Door and A Spanish Coffee, Kilden
2013 – The world is somewhere, Frederikshavn Museum of Art
2012 – FootAction, GX Gallery, London
2012 – Galleri Jytte Arntzen, Cph, Denmark
2012 – Æglageret, Denmark
2011 – The Zity, Galerie Contour, with Mette Rishøj
2011 – Bytte – bytte købmand, Bremers Galleri
2011 – Dokumentary, Køge Galleriet, Køge
2010 – Cirkus Metropolis, Galleri Jakobsen, Lønstrup
2009 – Billy Boy kommer til byen, Galleri Nørballe, Strib
2009 – Stregkoder og stjernestøv, Galleri Liisberg, Hundested
2009 – Etikette, Copenhart Gallery, Copenhagen
2008 – De elskende og byens gader, Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard, Ikast
2008 – De elskende og byens gader, Kunstpakhuset, Ikast
2008 – Tidslommer og knaphuller, Copenhart Gallery, Valby
2007 – Urbane Fortællinger, NBeX, Galleri NB, Viborg
2007 – Danmarks Akvarium, Cph
2007 – Galleri Liisberg, Hundested
2007 – Urbane Fortællinger, Galleriet Else Marie Jensen, Kolding
2007 – Jørgens Autohal III, Copenhart Gallery, Valby
2007 – I love New York, Pakhuset, Nykøbing Sj.
2007 – Jørgens Autohal II, Galleri Jakobsen, Hjørring
2006 – Times Square Utopia, Galleri Jytte Arntzen, Cph
2006 – Jørgens Autohal I, Byggeriets Hus, Frederiksberg
2006 – Galleri Brantebjerg, Odsherred
2006 – Galleri Jarsbo, Århus
2005 – Galleri Nordskov, Nordfyn
2005 – Urban Tribe IV, Gallery Nybro, Cph
2005 – Galleri Liisberg, Hundested
2005 – Urban Tribe III, COBRA-rummet ved Sophienholm, Cph
2004 – Galleri Nybro, Cph

Group exhibitions

2014 – De Kunst 10 Daagse, Bergen, Holland
2014 – Are We Already Gone?, FlickerLab, New York, curated by Negin Sharifzadeh
2014 – Global Village 2014, Kulturhuset Brønden, Brøndby, Denmark
2014 – Global Village 2014, Landshut, Germany
2014 – Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival
2014 – My Place, Heerup Museum, Cph
2013 – An Introduction to Global Village, ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam
2012 – The Big Show 7, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York
2012 – New York City Blues, Augustiana, with Grace Pillard, Robin Tewes and Bjørn Eriksen
2012 – New York City Blues, Kunstpakhuset Ikast, with Grace Pillard, Robin Tewes, and Bjørn Eriksen
2012 – Global Village, Projekt 072, Alkmaar, Holland, curators Jeroen van Paassen
2012 – Global Village, Kulturhuset Brønden, Brøndby, curators Jeroen van Paassen
2012 – Global Village, Château Sully, Burgundy, Frankrig , curators Jeroen van Paassen
2011 – Dit Tårn Din Kunst, Rundetårn, Cph
2011 – ProjectMailArtBooks, KNH (Kunstenaars Noord-Holland), Haarlem, Holland, Curated by Ed Hanssen
2011 – ProjectMailArtBooks, KPW (Kunst Post Wijchen), Wijchen, Holland, Curated by Ed Hanssen
2011 – Chain Letter, Samsøn Projects, Boston, USA
2011 – New York Art Marathon, Alexandre Gertsman Gallery, New York, curated by David Gibson
2011 – Parcours de l’Art, Avignon, France
2011 – Consumer Art, Projekt 072, Alkmaar, Holland, curated by Jeroen van Paassen
2011 – Optipism, DadaPost, Berlin, curated by Lars Kræmmer
2011 – La Dolce Vita, YXIE Lab, Alkmaar, Holland, curated by Jeroen van Paassen
2010 – 2010 International Fine Art, FIFA, Johannesburg/Durban/Capetown, South Africa
2010 – 2010 International Fine Art, FIFA, China
2010 – 2010 International Fine Art, FIFA, Honduras
2010 – 2010 International Fine Art, FIFA, New Zealand
2010 – 2010 International Fine Art, FIFA, Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum, Germany
2010 – Fodboldkunst, Augustiana – Kunstcenter og Skulpturpark, Augustenborg
2010 – 2 + 2 + 1 + 2, Galleri Nakke Hage, Cph
2010 – Global Village, Alkmaar, Holland, curated by Jeroen van Paassen, Stiching White Cube
2008 – Zephyr, Monkdogz Urban Art, New York
2008 – Oh, Danmark, Copenhart Gallery, Valby
2008 – Galleri Brænderigården, Horsens
2008 – Kunst i Påsken, Byggeriets Hus, Frederiksberg
2007 – Jul i Danmark, Galleri Nittenunder, Cph
2007 – Det er kunst, Galleri Nakke Hage, Cph
2007 – Cows on walls, Copenhart Gallery, Valby
2006 – Inaugural show, Monkdogz Urban Art, New York
2006 – To the moon, Alice…,Heidi Cho Gallery, New York
2006 – Nordic Moods, Galeria La Frutéria, Barcelona
2006 – Galerie Zone F, Berlin
2006 – Galleriet Jørgen Østergård, Ikast
2006 – Galleriet Else Marie Jensen, Kolding
2006 – Kolding Kunstmesse, Kolding
2006 – Andersen Art, Espergærde
2006 – Galleri Jytte Arntzen, Cph
2006 – Galleri Jarsbo, Århus
2005 – Vid Association, Brøndsalen, Cph
2005 – Portalen, Greve
2005 – Sisters, Berlin
2005 – Galleri Jarsbo, Århus
2005 – Galleri Nybro, Cph
2004 – Galleri Silkeborg Kunstnerhus, Silkeborg
2004 – Galleri Nybro, Cph
2004 – Lumby Mølle, Odense
2004 – Jystrup Savværk, Jystrup

Jonna Pedersen Grants/Awards

2011 – The Danish Arts Foundation – working grant
2010 – Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Foundation – working grant
2010 – Representing Denmark with “African Boots” at World Cup, South Africa
2009 – The Danish Arts Council
2008 – The Danish Arts Foundation
2006 – Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Foundation – working grant
2006 – Oticon Foundation
2006 – Toyota Foundation
2005 –  Artist of the month January 2005 at Kunstbazaren
2005 – Honorable Award at ART NOW
2005 – Honorable Award at ART ADDICTION

Jonna Pedersen on Press


2014 – TV2 Midt Vest
2011 – TV2 Fyn
2010 – Rødovre Lokaltv: “2 kunstnere fra Rødovre til VM”
2009 – Channel DK4, Kunst-i-øjet: “A portrait of Jonna Pedersen”
2009 – Rødovre Lokaltv: “Metropol”
2008 – TV2 Lorry, I byen: “Oh Danmark”
2007 – TV2 Lorry, I byen: “Tidslommer og knaphuller”
2007 – Rødovre Lokaltv: “Visit at the studio”
2006 – TV2, Go’ Morgen Danmark: ”Hvad er art money”
2006 – BarcelonaTV: ”Danske kunstnere i Barcelona”

Press, 2014: “Billboard Painting Festival”
Kunstavisen, 2014, Inge Schjødt: “Det Søde Liv i Nørregade”
Kunstavisen, 2013, Inge Schjødt: “Blikfang i byen”
Ældresagen NU, 2013, Lene Terkelsen: ”Det ligger for næsen af os”
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Alt om Syddanmark, 2010: “Dansk VM-Kunst til Sydafrika”
Kunstportal Fyn, 2010: “Fodboldkunst – VM – FIFA”
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2010 – Rødovre Lokalnyt, Christian Valsted: ”VM kunst skal udstilles i hele verden”
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Vestegnen, 2009, Michal Henri Jadoin: “På vej til VM”
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Odense Posten, 2004, Claus Søholm: “Jonna tog springet”
Valby Bladet, 2004, Heidi Engelund: “I billedkunstnernes univers”


2014 – Viborg International Billboard Festival
2013 – Headspace
2010 – Happy Xmas Tree
2009 – Danmarksindsamlingen, TV2, decoration of Arne Jacobsen chair
2009 – Cobi Rehab, Kastrup
2008 – Finansforbundet, København


2014 – Jury member – Nordkraftudstillingen 2014
2012 – Jury member – Kerteminde Art Festival 2012
2008 – Donation of art work for fundraising for book by Leo Tandrup, Galleri Brænderigården, Horsens
2008 – Donation of art work for “Art during Easter: Against land mines in Uganda”, Byggeriets Hus, Frederiksberg


Viborg International Billboard Painting Foundation
Private art collectors
Danske Banks Kunstforening
Hvidovre Hospitals Kunstforening
OUH Kunstforening
Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Zaanstad, Holland
Rødovre Kommune – Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Denmark
Than Mór Mail Art Museum, Hungary
Alexandre Gertsman Contemporary Art Collection, New York
Gladsaxe Kommune


A Blues About New York. Catalogue. By Ole Lindboe & Bente Jensen, Cinnober Edition, 2012
Documentary. Jonna Pedersen Painting. By Trine Ross, Bente Jensen and Ed McCormack. 160 pages, Cinnober Edition 2011 Global Village – a catalogue. By Jeroen van Paassen, Gigaboek, 140 pages, 2010
Gallery & Studio, New York, 2008, Ed McCormack: “Deadpan Danes on a Mission of Cool”
FAMOUS 100 Contemporary Artists. By Petru Russu. World of art. 2006
Urbane Fortællinger. Catalogue. By Ole Lindboe, 2007
The breadth of Reality. Jonna Pedersen and Painting. By Ole Lindboe. ArtPage. 2005
URBAN TRIBE. Catalogue. By Ole Lindboe, 2005

Artist Talk

Heerup Museum – “My Places”
Kunstpakhuset, Ikast – “New York City Blues”
Vanløse Lokalhistoriske Forening – “My cityscapes”
Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholts Visual School of Art

Jonna Pedersen instagram