Flora Castiglia

About the artist

Born in 1991, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Flora was exposed to the practice of art from a very young age. Her mother, also an artist, worked her
home studio establishing the ethos of creativity and artistic discipline in Castiglia’s person early.

The artist’s first works were interpretations of record covers and artistic designs developed for musicians.
Later she studied communication with an orientation in arts

In her works she mixes geometric aspects of nature and dreamlike.

¨Not everything has to be seen as it is. Encrypted information has to be decoded. Nothing is simple and
ephemeral nor literal. The information could be misleading, it is necessary to stop for a while to observe.
Meaning is underneath.¨


¨Dream Paper¨ presented at ¨Slika¨, Lyon 2022
¨Delphian Gallery¨ open call winner, London 2022
¨Partnership editions¨ open call winner, London 2022
¨4/4¨ presented at ¨19 Karen¨, Australia 2022
¨Marcos¨ Serie presented at ¨La Colombre d’Or¨, Texas 2021
¨Colina abajo¨ presented at The Visionary Projects virtual exhibition, NY.2020
¨Óvulos¨ Serie presented at ¨salón cultural Vieyra¨, 2019
BADA Art Fair, Buenos Aires, 2019