Tommy Lennartsson

About the artist

Tommy Lennartsson creates unique and playful compositions that entice the viewer to use their imagination to decipher what is the artist’s intention, which is layered and presented through his mixed media work. By combining materials – found fabrics – Lennartsson creates a patchwork with different elements of sewn fabrics for his expressionist canvases.
On top of these canvases Lennartsson lays down different layers with acrylic, charcoal, spraypaint, markers, pastel and airbrush.
”When I look at my pictures, it is just like I am back at my childhood room, lying on the floor and doodling on paper,” as the artist describes.

Swedish painter Tommy Lennartsson draws on the visual culture of street and pop art when making his works. Guided by intuition, Tommy builds up his canvases with charcoal, acrylic and spray paint, often sewing and stitching elements together to create striking scenes that ignite the viewer’s imagination.

Tommy has caught the attention of collectors from across the world, including the US, Europe, and China.

His work has been featured in the Spanish arts and culture magazine Lamono and was selected as the cover art for the Spring 2019 issue of New England Review.