Emanuele Tozzoli

About the artist

A journey through archetypes, visions and nightmares of childhood.

Attracted by the most hidden parts of human nature, it descends in its depths in search of the original figures. Emanuele Tozzoli lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, investigating the subtle nature of artistic composition.

With an instinctive and visceral workflow, it lets loose what comes from the unconscious, using a recurring symbology. Each work is the result of a primitive flow where the painting becomes the materialization of a dreamlike and extravagant interior world.

A unique working method

Emanuele Tozzoli elaborates a unique working method that summarizes all the experiences gained in the artistic and working field.

In his paintings he uses an instinctive and visceral worklfow, through which he creates a deep connection between his inner part and the present moment.

Tozzoli lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, in which each painting becomes the materialization of an introspective, dreamlike and extravagant world.

He uses a recurring symbology characteristic of his style that recalls the original forms of childhood.



Emanuele Tozzoli Born in Italy in 1989. He discovers painting in the very first years of age together with his father Dario. an artist who has been painting and creating sculptures with all types of material for over 40 years.

At the age of 7. Emanuele created his first small sculptures by assembling objects and painted his first informal abstracts. discovering a side of creative and fascinating art.

Deeply attracted by the most intimate nature of artistic research. in the following years he extended his studies to the field of music, forming adolescence as a sound engineer.

From 2007 he began composing electronic music, carrying out his research in the field of sound. In the following years he studied musical composition and played his productions in clubs in Italy and Europe, also publishing on various underground record labels.

Also, he learned the restoration of antique wood working in his grandfather’s workshop and, for about 10 years, he also worked as a decorator and restorer of wall paintings together with the Turin art master Silvio Scarafiotti.

In these years of learning and work he refines his manual skills, learns the peculiarities of color and probes the depths of the composition.

In 2018 he signed a contract with the Saphira and Ventura Gallery in New York, which boasts works by timeless masters such as Keith Haring, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Frida

Khalo, Diego Rivera and Alberto Giacometti. In 2018 he also signed a contract with the historic Galleria Accorsi, which boasts works of museum excellence by Eduard Manet, Lucio Fontana, Marc Chagall, Keith Haring and Piet Mondrian.


2018 – Galleria Accorsi, Venice / Turin (ITALY)

2018 – Van Der Plas Gallery, New York (USA)

2018 – Art Gallery 37, Turin (ITALY)

2018 – Le Dame Art Gallery, London (UK)

2018 – Saphira e Ventura Gallery, New York (USA)

2018 – Daville Baillie Gallery, Johannesburg (SUD AFRICA)

2018 – Canvas Tube / Canvas Museum, Vancouver (CANADA)

2018 – 19Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach (AUSTRALIA)

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